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The Affordable Care Act

Affordable care act(ACA), also called Obamacare was propounded in 2010.

This act is meant to provide an affordable health care services and insurance for Americans.It is also designed for the interest of patients especially for low income earners in terms of other insurance companies who might increase the cost of health care.

A lot of American citizens have recounted the benefits of this platform and has testified it’s efficacy. Among these were unemployed citizens, low income earners as well as people living with disabilities or those constantly caring for them. Others are those who couldn’t access or secure a good health care insurance scheme because of protracted illness and chronic medical conditions.

Despite it’s benefits and services, Affordable Care Act has suffered opposed opinions.

Due to increase in taxations and elevation in the insurance premiums required to carter for Obamacare,  several healthcare systems have developed criticism over this additonal cost apportioned to this firm,  and therefore has registere their doubt whether the quality of health care will still be optimal.

Following this developement, concerned individuals has called for total review and rehabilitation of the whole system in order to ensure high efficacy and good standard of health care services.

In this article we shall focus on the pros and cons( positive and negative attributes) of obamacare.


More Americans have health insurance

Greater than Sixteen Million American citizens has secured a good health insurance within the first 5 years of its operation. Greater percentage of these individuals are young adults, making it possible for more people to afford health insurance.

Following this development,  insurance companies can now spend not less than eighty percent of their insurance bonuses on medical services. The ACA also ensures that those insured are not making unnecessary increase in rate.

However to be covered by insurance is not free at all,  rather it provides avenue for individuals to have a wider range of coverage option.

To this effect, individuals with chronic preexisting medical conditions can now access health care under insurance coverage.

Prior to the advent of ACA,  medical conditions such as cancers poses a problem in coverage because many insurance companies denies them treatment, saying that the illness occured befor the patient was enrolled in their nsurance plan. But under the American Care Act,  such patient will always access health care under insurance coverage.

No time limits exist on care

Prior to the advent of ACA,  individuals with chronic medical conditions are evicted out of the coverage. This is because those insurance companies set a particular limit on the amount to be spent on a single patient under coverage.

On that note, the insurance companies cannot affort to maintain a certain dollar limit on the service and care they provide for their patients or customers.

More screenings are covered

ACA covers a lot of laboratory screening services as well as preventive procedures for their customers. Such services always incure low charges. The aim is that if one is really conscious of his/her health care,  serious diseases can be delayed or averted later in life, because any impending disease conditions can be dealt with through early diagnosis and treatment.

In such cases, those with better health condition or staus will begin to enjoy services in a very subsidized rate.

“In decades to come, ACA will provide all American citizens with quality health care services with less cost” says DR. christopher Lillis,  an internist in Virginia and a member of Doctors for America.

Prescription drugs cost less

The ACA also pledged to provide prescription drugs at a very affordable rate. Particularly,  senior citizens can not afford to purchase all their prescribed medications. But now, there is an increase in the number prescriptions made,  and generic drugs being covered are appreciating on a yearly basis.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services press release in 2017, Health care beneficiaries have saved more than $26.8 billion on prescription drugs under Obamacare initiative.


Many people have to pay higher premiums

Due to the fact that insurance companies are now providing a wider range of healthcare, as well as coverage of patient with preexisting medical conditions, this has led to a rise in the premiums paid by those who had health insurance already.

You can be fined if you dont have insurance

The aim of ACA is for customers to be insured throughout the whole year. So,  if one is not insured, and without an exemption,  such person is mandated to pay a certain fine for that. However, recently, events has it that such rule have been changed, therefore starting from 2019 tax year, such will be totally abolished.

People are of the opinion that it is unwelcomed for government to pose health insurance to individuals. However ACA supporters counteract such opinion saying that if a patient is not covered by health insurance, his or her health care costs are being passed on to everyone else.


In order to carter for the ACA,  lots of new taxes are made into law. These includes taxes on medical device and other pharmaceutical sales. Higher income earners also are meant to pay higher amount of taxes. To fund the system effectively, money is being collected from the saving of payements made for health care services.

Prominent and rich individuals also contribute in order to buffer the cost for the poor. Following this economists predict that in no distant time, there will be a reduction in deficits leading to positive effect on the budgets through the help of ACA.

Its best to be prepared for enrollment day

People found it difficult to enroll in this scheme and there were lower-than-expected sign up when this website was newly launched. This occurred following a huge technical problems being experienced as at that time.

As time progressed, these difficulties were ameliorated, however some customers still complain that registration for the appropriate family or business coverage can be very dicey.

The period of enrollment has also been shortened to run between November 1 to December 15.

Programs on how to guide the customers and business owners to sign up and avert the problem of set up process has been established by lots of Hospitals and other health care agencies. There is also a section on the ACA website that adresses and explains the procedures of enrollments and possible available options of enrollment programs.

Businesses are cutting employee hours to avoid covering employees

Those in opposition to Obamacare are on the side that it would lead to loss of Jobs. However, in recent years,  the number of full-time jobs has skyrocketed. In not withstanding there are reports that businesses are deducting some hours from employee’s schedules.

Firms with up to 50 or more full-time employees are mandated to pay worker additionally so as to carter for their health care expenses, or better still offer them full time insurance.

Looking ahead

The ACA are bound to yearly readjustments. This means that laws can be amended, implementation of budgets can be affected by decisions made. Also other changes that can lead to amendments and readjustments in the American Care Act(Obamacare) can include:

  • Changes in healthcare processes
  • Changes in politicalmakeup of future presidential administrations and congress.

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