Best Nootropics for Studying

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There are two things in mind when you look for the best nootropics for studying: A brand that’s backed by medical professionals and the ingredients to see if they have research to back up the claims. We’ve kept those things in mind when choosing these best nootropics for studying to help you focus and concentrate better.

What Are Nootropics?

Researching needs a great deal of mental effort. Being a student myself, there are times I would simply not have the motivation to study. On days like that, try as hard as I may, I won’t be able to understand anything. The lack of motivation may sometimes be because of my own personal lazy habit or the effect of stress on my brain.Best Nootropics for Studying

But what if there is something to be done about this lack of motivation? What if I could make my brain to focus most of the time when studying? What if there is a way of retaining a larger percentage of whatever I study?

The solution is nootropics or cognitive enhancers, they’re drugs known to boost the functionality of the brain, they’re also known as smart pills.

Nootropics have been around for a while now, although it’s use is mainly among those with a critical medical condition. What this means is that nootropics were not easily available to people over the counter, it was strictly available by doctor’s prescription.

However, that changed a few years ago, when new nootropics produced specifically for mentally healthy people flooded the market. The game of focusing changed, and the drug became available to those that can afford it. This article would mention the best nootropics for students, and how nootropics can positively influence your academic performance by improving your attention span, boosting your memory and stimulating your thinking faculty.

Best Nootropics For Studying

The nootropics below have science-backed ingredients that may aid improve your concentration and help you study better.

Onnit Alpha Brain: Best Nootropic To Improve Memory & Focus

Have you ever seen popular supplements online that have no history of who’s behind it? However, a lot of brands have a proper history of who’s behind it, what they do, and reason their product is unique like Onnit’s Alpha nootropics for studying

One of the top neurosurgeons in the world, Dr. Martin Lazar, says no other product works better than Alpha Brain. It only has natural ingredients that have brain power enhancing properties like Bacopa monnieri. E.g., a systematic review on Bacopa found that it aids improve memory free recall.


  • Approved by a top neurosurgeon, leading athletes, and medical professionals
  • Has a double-blinded, randomized clinical trial to back its claims
  • It doesn’t have stimulants. Only natural ingredients with nootropic properties


  • Expensive

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Brain Fuel By Tropical Oasis: Best Nootropic for Memory

This is another best nootropic for studying, not just because of the ingredients it has but because it’s in liquid form. Liquid supplements are often fast absorbed than nootropics for studying

It is packed with ten essential ingredients that may help boost your memory, concentration, and overall cognitive performance. E.g., it has Choline Bitartrate, which plays an important role in memory and muscle control.

Just like Onnit Alpha Brain above, this one also doesn’t have stimulants like caffeine for those wishing to avoid it. A lot of reviewers with specific needs have appreciated this and said that it helped increase their focus and productivity.


  • Developed and supported by a team of experienced food scientists and industry experts.
  • Physician recommended supplements
  • Quick absorption
  • Award-winning brand


  • Awful taste

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Focus Now: To Boost Concentration & Focus

Focus Now nootropic for studying has a powerful combination of caffeine and L-Theanine which have proven benefits. One study, for example, researched the effect of this combo on cognitive function and mood.

The participants got either an experimental dosage of L-Theanine and caffeine combination or a placebo. They discovered that caffeine this combination helped boost cognitive performance and nootropics for studying

Another study discovered that an 8-week supplementation of l-theanine improved depression, anxiety symptoms, cognitive impairment, and the nature of sleep in patients with major depressive disorder.

A lot of reviewers have talked about how it boosts their morning alertness without having to drink two big cups of coffee.


  • Transparency: Each supplement has a certificate of analysis you can check on their site.
  • Shown to work ingredients
  • Easy to take in small capsules


  • Could contain traces of allergens

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Dr. Emil’s Nootropic For Focus & Concentration

One unique thing about this supplement is that, like a few others mentioned above, this nootropic is also produced by a medical professional. It contains ingredients that have been proven to stimulate your brain’s nootropics for studying

One of the essential ingredients, Glutamic Acid, for example, plays an important role in brain function. For those who don’t want to take coffee, this is another best nootropic for studying that doesn’t contain caffeine. A lot of reviewers have talked on how they started remembering things more after taking this nootropic.


  • Supplement created by a doctor.
  • Organic and proven ingredients
  • Free of additives, hormones, and allergens
  • Made in an FDA-registered facility


  • It may affect sleep in some people, so it’s best not to take it before bed

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Qualia Mind: Best Nootropic For Focus

Qualia Mind supplements are created with the help of leading scientists and medical professionals. It has 28 vegan-friendly research-backed ingredients that don’t just improve your brain function but also better your overall nootropics for studying

It contains a blend of nootropics, antioxidants, amino acids, and other vital ingredients to improve your performance and wellbeing.

One unique thing about this brand is that they have a disclaimer section where you can see who should not be taking this nootropic and how to take it the right way. Not a lot of supplement companies add this information.


  • Approved by scientists and health & fitness professionals
  • Ingredient transparency and guidance
  • Formulated by scientists and experienced medical professionals


  • May affect certain types of medications. You need to look at the disclaimer on their site for more information on this.

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Nootropics For Studying FAQ

Do nootropics work?

Yes! Researches have shown that some nootropics can work, but it really depends on the ingredients used and their dosage.

Are nootropics safe?

Nootropics formulated by scientists and medical professionals may be safe when used at the right dosage. But it’s important to check with your doctor first, especially if you have any health conditions that may disrupt them.

Are nootropics FDA approved?

Some prescription nootropics, ADHD ones, for instance, are FDA approved. However, the others are often branded under dietary supplements, thus they don’t need to be approved by the FDA.

This is why you need to be careful to study and get one that is from an authority brand, supported by medical professionals.

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Best Nootropics for Studying – Takeaways

  • Nootropics with research-supported ingredients such as Bacopa in Alpha Brain may help improve your concentration, focus, and memory.
  • We strongly advise avoiding nootropics from companies with no history.
  • Please check with your doctor for a check-up before and a month after taking your nootropic to be on the safe side.

Best Nootropics Stacks For Improved Neuroplasticity

The goal of studying is to remember a huge percentage of what is being studied in the nearest future. The brain works by making several connections between neurons. What this implies is that when we try to study something, our brain would make a sort of connection between neurons, the more we study the topic repeatedly, the stronger the connection between the neurons. This is called neuroplasticity.

The capability to quickly make connections between these neurons determine how fast you would remember things when you need them.

The main neurotransmitter responsible for making new connections of synapses between neurons is called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays an important role in learning new things. It stimulates the neurons to form new connections and as a result, learning speed is greatly improved when nootropics that can stimulate secretion of acetylcholine is taken before studying.

Best Nootropics Stacks For Improved Attention Span

This is another essential factor when it comes to studying. A long attention span is required in other to focus on what is being studied. The average attention span is just 20 minutes. However with the help of nootropics designed specifically for studying purposes, then this attention span can improve greatly.

Before, people would usually turn to coffee drinks to stay alert. But with new nootropics, attention can be greatly improved without taking several cups of coffee all through the day. Aside from sleep deprivation that caffeine drinks cause, it also does not do an excellent job when compared to modern nootropics for increasing attention span.

Dopamine and serotonin are the neurotransmitters responsible for the attention span. The best nootropics for boosting attention and motivation for studying is Neuropeak. These nootropics are also known to stimulate the creation of neurochemical called hypocretin, which has great influence in providing the brain with sufficient energy for mental work.

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Best Nootropics Stacks For Improved Memory

The ability to remember what has been studied determines how well you would perform in the exams. The ability to remember stored information depends on the strong connection between neurons. Having mentioned earlier that acetylcholine is responsible for making and maintaining connections between neurons, as a result of this, consuming supplements that can stimulate the secretion of acetylcholine would go a long way in improving memory.

While Alpha GPC Choline Supplement is the best supplement for boosting memory, many students usually take Alpha GPC Choline Supplement alongside other supplements that are able to stimulate the secretion of choline; an example of which includes Jarrow Formulas Neuro Optimizer.

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