Best Multivitamin for Teen Girls

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The chances that your teenage girl eats a balanced meal are slim, due to their busy lifestyles. Teenagers often eat a lot of junk food. Many of them skip breakfast and replace lunch with unhealthy foods such as a bag of chips and soda. This puts them at a higher risk of developing certain kinds of vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin D.

Understandably, missing out on vital vitamins and minerals can have a negative impact on their growth. I’m sure you’d like to know what is the best multivitamin for teen girls?

Top 5 Best Multivitamin For Teen Girls

  1. Rootine – Best Multivitamin For Teen Girls

Teen girls are usually under peer pressure and social media pressure to follow trends that could affect their health & wellbeing. Emerging studies suggest that genes could also have a part in how we react to certain types of foods and nutrients. Lifestyle choices, such as eating habits, also play an important role.

Rootine takes into consideration all of this (genetics, lifestyle choices & blood levels) into account and gives you a pack of multivitamins tailored to suit your teen girl’s needs.

This implies your teenage girl will get only what she needs and in the right dosage. Rootine vitamins are also made in a way they’re released slowly throughout the day to mimic the body’s natural process.


  • Multivitamins tailored to suit individual needs
  • Made by medical experts & genetic scientists
  • Goes with the FDA
  • Microbead format for better intake
  • Slow-release to mimic the body’s natural way vitamin absorption.


  • Needs DNA/blood test reports (included for free in the pack)

Skinphoria – Best Multivitamin For Acne

Puberty and hormonal changes can atimes result in skin problems such as acne for many teenage girls. Many girls choose to use makeup to cover their acne scars, and some try all types of topical creams.

Even though some topical treatments like retinoids can help, you may notice better results by making changes to your lifestyle habits.Best Multivitamin for Teen Girls

The problem with teenagers is that it’s not always possible for them to consume healthy foods due to their busy lives. They may often eat out and take a lot of foods that can affect their skin and overall health.

Skinphoria multivitamins for teen girls can aid handle this by targeting acne from the inside.

The primary ingredients of Skinphoria are niacin and zinc, both when combined have been proven to work against inflammatory conditions such as acne.


  • Contains ingredients that work
  • Made by a former acne survivor
  • Improved hazard testing method used to ensure safety


  • A non-permanent skin flush from niacin

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Rainbow Light- Best Multivitamins for Teenage Growth

You may have come across the health perks of certain types of herbs and superfoods like spirulina. You might be interested in taking them or giving them to your teen girl so she can benefit from them.

However, as said earlier, a lot of teenagers are busy bees. A lot of them hardly even have time to eat their breakfast, and a lot of them would rather eat outside food more.Best Multivitamin for Teen Girls

We always advise getting your vitamins and minerals from food sources, but we also know how that may not always be possible. Rainbow light multivitamins for teenage girls might be a good decision in such cases.

This company has been around circa 1981 and made supplements using high-quality ingredients. They have also done some good works for the world, such as donating millions of prenatal vitamins worldwide and making eco-friendly bottles.


  • Renown brand
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Eco-friendly bottles
  • Complies with the FDA


  • No details the involvement of medical professionals
  • Big pills

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  1. Ritual – Best Organic Multivitamin for Teenage Girl (18+)

Most multivitamins are packed with vitamins that you may already have a sufficient amount of. Some people think that taking more vitamins means that your body will make use of them all. However, that’s false.

Your body will reserve excess vitamins and release some via urine and sweat. This is why it’s necessary to remember that the foods and beverages you consume may also have some vitamins.

Rituals target this problem by only giving you a group of vital multivitamins that your body may not always get from your diet. Some types of vitamins in their pack include magnesium, iron, vitamin E, and folate.

Their ‘Essential For Women’ vitamin pack has nine important vitamins and nutrients required for the growth and development of 18+ girls and women.


  • Ingredient transparency from.
  • It has only what you may miss out on.
  • Subscription service that’s optional
  • Produced by Harvard trained medical professionals


  • No packs for the under 18 teenage girls yet
  1. Care/of – Best Vitamins For Teenage Hormones

At 17+, teen girls are still at their highest stage of growth and development. They undergo a lot of hormonal changes and lifestyle choices that could interfere with their health.

For instance, a lot of girls become addicted to social media and often sleep late every night. Thus, they might become prone to developing sleep and stress problems.

Care/of handles this by providing you customized multivitamins based on your experience with vitamins, your lifestyle habits, and your needs.

While you should never use vitamins as a replacement for healthy lifestyle choices, you may benefit from vitamins that are made to suit your needs.


  • Tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle
  • Topnotch quality and multiple times tested ingredients
  • The choice to buy individual proteins and vitamins
  • Product development by a group of doctors, scientists, and medical experts.


5 Reasons Why Teen Girls May Need Multivitamins

Here are some of the main reasons to consider incorporating multivitamins for teenage girls:

Body image priority

Teenage girls are at risk of paying more attention to their appearance than their health. Peer pressure and social media can have a lot of impact on their health. For example, thousands of young girls on Instagram are influenced by the lifestyle choices of their role models.

They see their favorite celebrity promoting a weight loss product and immediately go for it without checking with professionals. This can not only affect their growth and development but can also have other health consequences.

Joining the crowd

Many teenage girls these days decide to follow a vegan diet due to peer pressure or because their favorite celebrity is a vegan. This diet could have health benefits. However, it can do more harm than good when someone is following it without proper research and guidance.

Some girls completely reject dairy food because they think it will make them gain weight. This puts them at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency and heightens the chances of developing osteoporosis in the future.

Increased risk of thyroid disease

As mentioned above, many teen girls are at risk of undereating and not reaching their potential growth height. Studies say that teen girls with stunted growth are at a higher risk of developing thyroid and insulin hormone problems.

Mood & Brain function

It’s okay for teen girls to go through a lot of emotional rollercoasters during their adolescent years. However, those who don’t get enough B vitamins have a higher risk of developing depression and cognitive impairment, such as weak memory.

Eating disorders

Teenage girls are at risk of developing eating disorders, mainly due to the first point we discussed body image. Some girls, for example, may remove an entire nutrient from their diets like dairy foods, and some may develop binge eating.

One research found that girls who had binge eating habits might have been influenced by their male friends or fathers’ who have the same practice. It also examines how parents could also affect the eating patterns of their children.

Best Multivitamin for Teen Girls Takeaways

Multivitamins could aid young adolescent girls due to the fact that they’re often at risk of missing out on essential nutrients due to their lifestyle habits.Best Multivitamin for teen girls

The most effective to get your vitamins is from foods, and these vitamin supplements should not replace a healthy balanced meal.

Consuming too many vitamins doesn’t mean your body will absorb them all. Excess vitamin consumption can also have some adverse effects, so it’s important to follow the correct dosage.

You don’t need to take a lot of supplements. Choose one that delivers to your specific needs like the multivitamins we discussed and stick to that.

Please check with your doctor first, especially if your teenage girl has health problems that could affect the supplements.

Best Vitamins for Teenage Girl

Your teen girl needs the following multivitamin in his or her diet for healthy development:

  • They need B vitamins to improve their metabolism and for energy production.
  • Vitamin C assists to fight infections, minimizes the cold duration
  • Vitamin D is good for heart and brain function. It also betters bone health.
  • Calcium is needed for proper development of the bones and teeth.
  • Iron is needed for healthy red blood cells and for stimulation of muscle growth
  • Vitamin B12 or Riboflavin enhances the production of red blood cells helps to improve the nerve cell function.
  • Vitamin C and D are among the most essential vitamins for teenagers. Vitamin C helps in the development of the cartilage and while Vitamin D aids the child to attain maximum bone growth.
  • Vitamin A is important for the healthy growth of the body. It repairs damaged tissues and builds a strong immune system. It is as well good for healthy eyes and optimal vision, Vitamin E and selenium help in preventing acne inflammation in adolescents.
  • Vitamin B6 aids in the breakdown of the liver hormones, to prevent acne, mood swings, and craving sweets.

If your teen is getting all these in adequate amounts then you can rest assured she’s getting the best multivitamin for teen girls.

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