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Insomnia is really bad, it causes weakness, reduced performance, and also speed up the aging process. One of the main causes of insomnia is the imbalance in the secretion of a hormone called melatonin in the brain. So in this article we discussed the best melatonin supplements.

Old age, stress as well as some other medical condition may lead to the insufficient secretion of this hormone resulting in disturbance of sleep and wake cycle.

Insomnia ranging from acute to chronic level can be managed with the use of melatonin supplements, which can be purchased over the counter.

Albeit present in very minute amounts in some foods,  melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, they’re released by the pineal gland located in the brain, and its main function is to regulate the body’s wake and sleep cycle. The hormone informs your body when it’s time to sleep as well as when you need to wake up and be at alert.

Since this hormone is naturally released in the body, it’s supplementation is required only when the effect of the hormone is not as noticeable as it’s supposed to be. This is usually when you find it hard to sleep, to stay asleep during the night, or not feeling renewed after sleeping; all of which are symptoms of insomnia.

Blue light from screens —whether it’s your phone, television, or gaming monitor — will make you stay up at night. Melatonin is an excellent way to fall asleep quickly even after prolonged exposure to blue light.

5 Best Melatonin Supplements

Nature Made Melatonin

Nature made is a subsidiary of Otsuka pharmaceuticals and has been in business for over 20 years. And they’re presently the number one recommended vitamins and supplements brand in the United States according to US News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey of pharmacists recommending.

Being in the pharmaceutical business for over twenty years indicates one thing; they’ve established trust I  users as a reliable brand. Even though they have chains of other vitamins and minerals supplements, their melatonin supplements is highly recommended; as it is presently the best seller in its a category on Amazon.Best Melatonin Supplements

Percentage Yield: The tablet boast of 3mg produce of melatonin. Since the daily suggested dosage of melatonin for the treatment of insomnia is between 2-3mg, then a dose of nature made melatonin half an hour before bedtime is a perfect treat for insomnia.

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Supporting Component: Apart from melatonin, another component that makes of the capsule includes; Sodium Starch Glycolate. The function of sodium starch glycolate is to aid with the quick dissolution of the tablet, since it absorbs water rapidly, leading to swelling of the capsule and subsequent dissolution for absorption.

Apart from that, the tablet also has Magnesium stearate which is basically a lubricant that aids the flow of the tablet through the body system.

This particular tablet does not have any other supporting component that might interact with other drugs or hormones in the body aside from the obvious melatonin. It’s okay to say you get what you want from the capsule; with no extras.

GMO: Nature made melatonin supplement does not have any form of genetically modified organism, it’s gluten-free, no preservative and yeast.

Time Of Action: It is advised that the product be taken 30 minutes before bedtime. Since the absorption rate is helped by the presence of starch glycolate, there is every tendency that the impact will kick in earlier than expected.

Mg/Tablet Count: It comes in two types. There is one of 3mg per capsule and another of 5mg, the first comes in two bottle types; 120 tablet count and 240 tablet count, while the later has a 90 tablet count.

On a side note; some customers use this tablet to treat hair-loss in their dogs.

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Natrol Melatonin Time Release

Natrol is acclaimed to be the number one melatonin supplement brand in America. A subsidiary of Aurobindo pharmaceuticals. Natrol has been in the vitamins, minerals and supplements business for over three decades, and they deal primarily with melatonin.

All their products have melatonin in one form or the other. What this means is that; they’ve had years of study in the usage of melatonin for various purposes. Natrol is not just any off the block supplements company; they’re established with the core objective of providing quality products and at cost-effective price, putting customers first in their process of decision.Best Melatonin Supplements

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Percentage Yield: The product has four (4) different types of melatonin yield; depending on your choice. The percentage yield is 1mg, 3mg, 5mg, and 10mg. A lot of users tend to experiment with different doses until they find an appropriate one. Normally, an adult would require about 2mg to elicit the effect of melatonin supplements in the body system. This value is heavily influenced by several other factors, and as such, it is wise to try out different yield until you find the one that suits you.

Supporting Component: Unlike the formerly reviewed melatonin. This particular supplement has other supporting components which includes:

Xylitol: This is not a natural sweetener.

Cellulose gum: This works as a thickening agent.

Natural flavor: This is to make the tablet better in taste for consumption. Since manufactures advised that you can take the tablet without water; just by putting the tablet in the mouth and allow it to dissolve slightly before swallowing.

Beet Root Powder: Although the percentage is not mentioned, which means it’s contained in a very minute percentage. The benefit of this powder is, better blood circulation, energy supply as well as enhanced blood sugar.

The remaining contents of the tablets have no direct pharmaceutical influence in the body, but rather help the dissolution and absorption of the tablet.

GMO: This product does not have a genetically modified organism, making it good for people living an organic lifestyle. It is equally free of gluten and also considered vegetarian-friendly.

Time Of Action: The manufacturer advises that the tablet should be taken 20 minutes before bedtime. Although the tablet is formulated in such a way that it dissolves really fast right from the mouth. This will normally have a direct impact on the absorption rate as well as the time of action.

Mg/Tablet Count: The product linked to below contains 90 tablet count per bottle, each tablet has 5mg of melatonin. Although there are different other variations of the product, varying in percentage yield. You can simply check around on the Natrol amazon page.

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NOW Melatonin Capsule

NOW SupplementsCompany: NowFoods has been in existence since 1968. Unlike the two previous companies that are pharmaceutical companies, NowFoods is not a pharmaceutical company, but rather a natural food company that focuses in healthy food and “natural supplements”.  Their outlets are in the US and Canada, with the mission of helping people live a healthier life.Best Melatonin Supplements

As a company, they focus on sports nutrition, pet health, supplements, and natural foods. Having a diverse range of products in their product catalog means one thing; they know the health business, as far as reputation matters; they’ve maintained a perfectly good one ever since they began operation.

It’s also important to note; that the business started as a family business. The idea of it being a family business still affect (positively) the way the company is being managed at this present age.

Percentage Yield: The tablet contains 5mg supply of melatonin per tablet. For a regular user, a tablet of this is enough to give you the wanted effect.

Supporting Component: Other ingredients that make up the capsule are; cellulose, vegetable polysaccharide and magnesium stearate all of which do not cause a direct pharmacological reaction on the body system, but rather helps the dissolution and absorption of the capsule.

GMO: These supplements are vegetarian-friendly and do not have any form of genetically modified organism.

Time Of Action: The manufacturer advises that it should be taken at least twenty minutes (20) before bedtime.

Mg/Tablet Count: This particular product contains 80 tablet count, each containing 5mg.

Getting the right dosage when using supplements is highly subjective. For certain people; the appropriate dosage advised by the manufacturer works quite well for them, for others, they do not. The best way to determine if a supplement works as expected is to find a the appropriate dose that works for you. That’s why products like these are often made in varying dosages.

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Pharmaceutical Grade Melatonin by Just Potent

Pharmaceutical Grade MelatoninCompany: Just potent is a relatively young supplement supplier when compared to other companies listed so far in this article. But their reputation within the short period they’ve been around precedes them. Situated in Kent, Washington, the have a wide distribution network across the country, as even provide same-day delivery if you place your order during the early hours of the day.

Just Potent LLC, has been around circa 2013 as a registered company, and they work in both organic and synthetic products.Best Melatonin Supplements

Percentage Yield: This product comes in two different percentages; the 5mg and 10mg yield.

Supporting Component: Apart from the melatonin, other components of the tablet ate; Cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide. All of which do no cause any pharmaceutical effect on the body, but rather help the disintegration and absorption of the capsule.

GMO: The product is said to not contain any genetically modified organisms and is vegetarian/vegan-friendly.

Time Of Action: Manufacturer advises that users take the desired dosage 20-30 minutes before bedtime for the desired effect.

Mg/Tablet Count: The product contains 120 tablets in the bottle, each with 10mg of melatonin. There are other types on the suppliers amazon page.

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Vitafusion Extra Strength Melatonin Blackberry

Vitafusion Extra Strength MelatoninCompany: Vitafusion has been around circa 1998, the company say they’re to be number one gummy vitamin brand. All their products vitamins, minerals, and supplements are produced in gum form. You have to crunch a bit then swallow. This is the only gummy supplement examined in this list. So if crunching is your thing; then you should definitely choose this.

The company’s selling point is to present vitamins, minerals and supplements in a way that won’t disturb users. Their product tastes nice when compared to other products in the niche. Obviously, they use flavors, sweetener and other filler materials to get this level of taste.Best Melatonin Supplements

Percentage Yield: This product contains 2.5mg of melatonin per tablet. Two (2) tablet per day is really enough for an average user. It’s suggested that the user chews properly before swallowing.

Supporting Component: To get the desired good taste; the product is made up of high fructose syrup, alongside; sucrose, water, gelatin, artificial color, and coconut tree nut. The additional ingredients are not pharmaceutically active component, but rather fillers to get a good chewy taste.

GMO: The product does not have genetically modified organism and is equally gluten-free, making it vegetarian and vegan-friendly.  It’s also free of gelatin.

Time Of Action: Just like other mentioned product; 20 – 30mins prior to bedtime.

Mg/Tablet: Each tablet has 5mg of melatonin, 3g of carbohydrate, and 3g of sugar. And a 60 tablet bottle count.

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Factors We’ve Considered in Our Selection of Best Melatonin Supplements

Company: Only renowned products from well-established companies were reviewed. Since the supplement is seen as an OTC product; regulation for item in this section is not as strict; which gives space for substandard products. To stop this; only reputable companies in the supplement industry are featured in this post.

Percentage Yield: It’s a common practice to use fillers in supplements. If you get a supplement of 10mg/capsule for example; the actual product might be of the useful component might not be more than 5mg or less. I have examined the supplements with consideration to their melatonin percentage yield.

Supporting Component: Some of the items mentioned in this review have other components aside the major melatonin. In certain cases; they’re vitamins that work alongside melatonin to get desired result. On the demerit side however; some of these supporting components may not be f certain users, they have been considered while compiling this list.

GMO: For the people that are into organic living, each products has also been reviewed as to whether they contain genetically modified organism or not. This would go a long way in giving you the assurance that the product you’re taking into consuming has not been modified genetically and as such will not interfere with your organic lifestyle.

Time Of Action: Some supplements might require between 30-60 minutes before they begin to elicit the desired effect. Based on user’s word, each of the products mentioned in the article has its time of action indicated within the review. This makes it simple to decide on the appropriate time to take them.

Mg/Tablet Count: The mg of each tablet, as well as the number of capsules contained per bottle, has also been mentioned in each product review.


Whether it is chronic insomnia, or jet lag, or aged related sleeping disorder, helping the secretion of melatonin with supplements such as the ones mentioned above is not a bad idea. It’s essential to consult a physician before you resolve to the use of supplements.

Whatever you consume, too much of it can have a negative effect on overall health. Many people assume the overuse of melatonin would give them extra hours of sleep; this is a wrong idea of what the supplements is formulated for, too much consumption of melatonin would leave you with a feeling of a hangover the next day. Moderacy.

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