Onnit Alpha Brain Nootropic Supplement Review

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If you are reading this then it is most likely you’ve heard about alpha Brain nootropic and you want to know more about it. If so you are definitely at the right place because a complete Onnit alpha brain nootropic review has been done in this article.

A lot of people see supplements as enhancers, due to the much hype about its memory boosts in movies, you might begin to think these meds make you Charles Xavier’s competition. Nah, not really.

For a detailed discussion of what Nootropics are and their health benefits, please refer to this article.

Brain supplements are produced to make up for lost nutrients that naturally govern our brain functions. In some cases, they put an additional token in the gift bag by minutely enhancing our abilities. Now, you shouldn’t bank on that because these only happen to a few people based on their body’s initial functionality. We can’t all expect the same effects of a medication on different people. It all lies on their anatomy, on their genetic makeup. Things you can’t tamper with. When you decide to use brain supplements, don’t get your hope for super abilities.

The Alpha brain nootropic supplement is being produced by Onnit Labs for six years running now, since 2010, and made popular by social media, especially the Joe Rogan Experience. However, this experience isn’t really why the product has been considered to be one of the best brain supplements.

This brand of brain supplements, Onnit alpha brain, used to be seen as the complete balanced nootropic. However recently, this title has been more justified by giving us a reason to agree that it also works as a workout supplement. This shouldn’t be difficult to believe seeing as the brain controls the functionality of other parts of the body. It could improve our reaction to exercises and workout routines.

From the alpha brain nootropic review we have done we see that the alpha brain supplement has passed a number of human clinical tests which have shown statistical significance on cognition and mental health. Apart from being popular for boosting lucid dreams, this high-quality supplement has also been the favorite of lots because of the manufacturer’s emphasis on using only natural (earth-grown) ingredients.

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Alpha Brain Nootropic Ingredients

The workings of the Alpha brain supplement that differentiate it from other supplements are basically in the ingredient used to manufacture it. You should do a study of these ingredients, ignorance could be disastrous.

Aside the dangers of ignorance, there isn’t actually much to bother about when it comes to this product seeing as the key ingredients are top-notch. They have also done well in choosing finer and more functional options like the Alpha GPC which would be discussed in one of the tabs below.Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement Review

Key Alpha Brain Nootropic Ingredients

Alpha GPC

As said earlier, the Aloha Glycerylphosphorylcholine was specially chosen by the Alpha brand in place of the Choline Bitartrate because it is a better source of choline which is the main ingredient under consideration here.

Memory and focus deficiency and can be tied to low choline levels, making Alpha GPC the key reagent for enhancing memory.

Basically, it boosts the acetylcholine content in the brain, which in turn aids to promote the growth of neurons in the brain as well as the brain’s functionality by repairing damaged brain cells too.

Even though the Alpha GPC is considered to be the best choline source, it’s actually second best to CDP-choline. However, as long as you get the required results, it does not matter.


HuperziaSerrata is a plant extract which is an Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor which basically dissolves the acetylcholine, and boosts its availability for the brain. Technically, it works with the Alpha GPC to manage choline levels for the duration your dosage lasts.

According to studies, this choline supplement has shown its effectiveness in enhancing memory storage, retrieval – which makes up for the lucid dream perks of the Alpha brain supplement, boost concentration and mental clarity.

This natural chemical has to be timed well to maximize its effectiveness. I believe the dosage of the drug takes care of that.

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For years now, this periwinkle plant extract has been quite effective in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders. Studies show that vinpocetine can be used to increase blood flow, and as you know, this improves the brain’s functionality.

Other ingredients of the Alpha brain supplement are Pterostilbene, L-Leucine, Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose, Water), Bamboo Silica, Phosphatidylserine, AC-11 (UncariaTomentosa), etc

Onnit Alpha Brain Nootropic Dosage

Apart from all the amazing features, the Alpha brain supplement has to provide, the dosage instructions are also clear cut, and easy to follow.

The recommendation according to the producer– Onnit – is 1 to 2 capsules with a light breakfast or brunch, however, it’s all right to increase the dosage to 3 capsules as long as you weigh over 200 pounds. This configuration is effective for a mental boost, makes your brain sharp for work or school.

If you want lucid dreams, take this dosage about four hours before going to bed. But whatever you do, suggests that you shouldn’t take more than 3 capsules in a 24-hour span.

How Onnit Alpha Brain Nootropic Works

You might be wondering why all these ingredients are mixed together, as much as they singly have enough potency to improve the brain’s health in their own way. Well, they all have their weak points, and using them simultaneously like that makes up for their shortcomings, and thus ensuring that you get the desired results and value for your money.

I won’t bore you with the boring details of its mode of operation, although there’s another angle that could be of more help to you. Different posts on this blog have suggested consulting a medical practitioner, but I’ve been there once, I mean, I literally am a drug user too, so I know how unbelievable considering that might be, even though it’s the best idea.

However, I’m going to assist in the way I possibly can by giving you the dosage of the Alpha brain supplement. If you cannot your doctor for a prescription, at least follow these to the letter.

Also, make sure you know your vitamin levels and make sure that this is the right drug for you. Unfortunately, that is something I cannot help you with here.

Benefits Of Onnit Alpha Brain SupplementOnnit Alpha Brain Nootropic Review

The benefits of the Alpha brain supplements examined here might not look different from that of other supplements, but remember that the output isn’t the same. Owing to the varieties in the ingredients used. The Alpha brain supplement is free of caffeine, well-sourced, a natural brand which works just fine, and has no stimulants that could aid fake these effects.

Other benefits are;

Enhanced Focus and Cognizance

The Vinpocetine in the Alpha brain supplement aids with the flow of oxygen and blood to the right parts of the brain just enough to assist achieve better focus and enhanced cognitive ability.

Enhanced Recall and Memory

For students and financial workers and other practitioners who need to be equipped with certain amounts of data over a long period of time, you’ll be happy to know that the Alpha GPC content of the Onnit Alpha brain supplement made a combined effort that improves the plasticity of the brain, thereby improving the overall activity of the brain towards data acquisition.

Improved sleep

It’s not an evil thing to be obsessed with your dreams. This product, however, can help you stop punishing yourself up for forgetting your dreamland adventures, making your sleep more restful and productive.

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Possible Side Effects Of Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement

One of the few things we check after manufacturing an edible product, especially drugs is the side effect, and then maybe the expiry dates. Most people, however, fail to know that the side effects do not show on a general scope. It’s like allergies, some people get it, and some don’t.

That said, if you have taken the right precautions prior to purchase – consulting a licensed medical practitioner- you wouldn’t have to experiment on yourself to check if these effects affect you or not.

As much as clinical trials have proven new results as regarding the Alpha brain supplement, it’s still safe to use. Although, like other drugs, some might experience side effects after usage. Also, these effects might happen when you do not follow the prescription to the letter.

For example; The Onnit Alpha brain supplement contains a very high dose of HuperziaSerrata. Therefore, licensed recommendations say that you shouldn’t use it every day of the week. Taking a day off or two will improve its effectiveness. If you don’t follow this rule, there will be a slow decrease in its effectiveness, which in turn may lead you to an overdose, and from that, side effects might show.

The high levels of acetylcholine caused by the effects of the HuperziaSerrata have been known to cause constant headaches and a rather disturbing level of lucid dreams. Users have complained about the exceptional vividness of the dreams which makes them feel uncomfortable at some point, depending on the dream.

Anxiety issues, as well as diarrhea, have also been reported by users and volunteers. However, if you fall under this category, lay off of it for a while, and then eventually reduce your dosage.

For people who suffer low blood pressure, however, this drug isn’t really for you as major side effects have been reported from this sort of users. Vinpocetine aids blood and oxygen flow, and this feature counter the effects of low blood pressure, so, get your blood pressure checked out before commencing dosage.

Apart from these effects, there isn’t anything to bother about, checking the fact that the other ingredients have low toxicity, and aren’t able of real damage to the body.

Purchasing Onnit Alpha Brain Supplements

Before you purchase

It can’t be overemphasized how careful you need to be when using brain supplements. For those who feel like their bodies have outgrown the effects of the Alpha brain supplement, or on a broader sense, those that use multiple supplements, you have to be extra careful. Mixing brain supplements can be really dangerous for your brain.

However, I would recommend that you go for the natural types of the extra boost you need in the right proportions, instead of overdosing.

For example, the Alpha brain supplement has a high dose of HuperziaSerrata, whose functions are based on the alpha GPC choline source. So, instead of mixing it with other nootropics, you can improve the effect of acetylcholine by taking it with piracetam which is what most people are doing these days.

By enhancing acetylcholine with the Alpha brain supplement, you can really enjoy the effects you get when you use piracetam.

Where Can You Purchase Alpha Brain?Onnit Alpha Brain Nootropic Review

When I first began my study about brain supplements, like a lot of people I didn’t bother about the availability of the drugs in my vicinity, I just really assumed every medicine store should have them on sale and was wrong. From the alpha brain nootropic review we have done you can get the product easily from these two places.

You can Purchase the alpha brain nootropic supplement on amazon.

However, it’s also available for a free trial from the Onnit website directly.


In a lot of cases, specifically relating to edible products, the cons are closely related to the side effects which depend on medical history, and customer complaints. However, the side effects of the Alpha brain supplements are not the benefits, so you have nothing to bother about.

Mostly, the side effects of drugs are because of the drawbacks of the ingredients used. However, clinical trials have shown that, recently, the chemical combination, as well as the formula used, are even worse than the old ones.

The product still works, though, but you might get complete and pro-health solutions for equal or less money. I wouldn’t be so quick as to mention alternatives, though, but you might want to look into them.Onnit Alpha Brain Review

Conclusion on Alpha Brain Nootropic Review

Even with all these side effects and cons, the Alpha brain supplement is one of the top ten brain supplements on review today.

Also, if you are not okay with the product, Onnit has a 30-day refunding policy, which gives you the opportunity to return the supplement within that period of time if your mind changes about the purchase. However, like any other products, terms and conditions apply.

The main point is that no producer would be willing to refund based on customer feedback if his product isn’t up to standards. With this policy, you literally have nothing to lose, as long as you do not take matters into your hands.

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